Carwiz International d.o.o., one of Europe's leading car rental companies, and ABmobil rent d.o.o. have officially announced a strategic partnership aimed at improving the travel experience for rent-a-car customers in Croatia.

With this move, Carwiz International intends to significantly strengthen Carwiz's position, specifically through its own franchise model, not only in Croatia but also in this part of Europe.  With the acquisition of the Carwiz master franchise for Croatia, the company AB Mobile rent enters the rent-a-car market and plans to expand further into the Slovenian and Austrian markets in the coming months.

ABmobil rent will thus incorporate the entire Carwiz infrastructure and offer (in Croatia) in its services, i.e. it will implement the Carwiz franchise model, asserting an already strong position in the industry. Because AB Mobile's portfolio includes innovative automotive solutions, a platform to effectively address and improve customer involvement and experience, and Carwiz offers a unique business solution in its franchise model, this collaboration will mean consistent growth and development of the Carwiz brand.

"I am delighted and extremely proud that ABmobil rent has recognised Carwiz International as a potential partner for expanding its business, and it also confirms to me that we have developed a strong brand of trust in such a short period of time. I see this as a step forward, and I am confident that this collaboration will bring great business success in the future and secure Carwiz's enviable position in Croatia." says Krešimir Dobrilović, founder and owner of Carwiz International d.o.o.

Carwiz customers in Croatia will continue to receive excellent service, new and reliable vehicles, while a significant change from the current model will be a stronger expansion into the B2B segment, i.e. long-term leases for business customers. When it comes to rental services, B2C and B2B users can expect several key benefits, including improved customer support, increased customer satisfaction, and better and more accessible information.

This partnership brings significant changes, especially in communication with clients, to whom Carwiz Croatia will now offer a unique omnichannel experience in the widest range of communication channels offered by any individual car rental service provider.

"Brand perception is no longer solely defined by infrastructure, but by the experience they provide their customers." Because users prefer to interact with brands through a variety of digital communication channels, the synergy strategy of the best car rental and communication services is a critical component of this experience.

Carwiz Croatia recognises the importance of adapting to customer wishes and needs, as well as simplifying complex processes, in order to provide a better travel experience to its customers. Therefore, the new Management Board of Carwiz in Croatia plans to increase the number of branches compared to last year, as well as significantly increase the size of the vehicle fleet to approximately 1,500 vehicles per season, beginning this year. As a result, it will be one of Croatia's largest car rental companies.

"We are thrilled to have teamed up with Carwiz International to increase the value of available resources, especially at a time when most car rental companies are experiencing a vehicle shortage." We don't have this problem at Carwiz Croatia, said Tomaž Lozar, CEO and founder of ABmobil rent, emphasising that "this partnership is a logical step for both companies, with the goal of increasing quality in the long run and providing superior car rental services."

Carwiz International will continue to expand the Carwiz brand globally by focusing exclusively on growth through the franchise model and the recently launched Affiliate Program specifically designed for the US market. This Croatian partnership is a perfect step in the right direction.