CARWIZ rent a car is a proud partner of ELSA Zagreb for the second year in a row

Law students from all over Europe have gathered in Zadar for the 20th annual ELSA Zagreb Summer school
CARWIZ rent a car is a proud partner of ELSA Zagreb for the second year in a row

For the last two years, we’ve been the proud sponsor of Europe’s biggest non-profit law student association, ELSA, which has housed students of law from over 15 Europe’s countries this July. 

Young lawyers and law students have gathered at the 20th ELSA Zagreb Summer school in a city filled with rich cultural background, Zadar. At this year’s annual summer school, a special highlight has been put on the question of human rights and globalisation in the context of migration.

“The summer school will last a week, during which we’ve prepared numerous guest lecturers who will share their knowledge with students, with a theme focused on Human rights and globalisation. We expect a constructive discussion, and our goal for every year is to solve one of the crucial problems of society and civilisation, but also to exchange experiences, and we think that with this year’s theme we’ve succeeded in that.” explained Alen Šukurica, the president of ELSA Zagreb.

Anyone interested was able to apply by a unified system of application through ELSA International, and the 50 best applicants were chosen based on their motivational letter, degree of education but also their general interest in the subject of this year’s summer school. For the second year in a row, we’ve recognised this potential and noteworthy project:

“ELSA is an association with a longstanding tradition and a commendable programme which we at Carwiz have recognised and therefore decided to help young, educated and above all people who want to create experiences and promote knowledge. We’ve realised that by creating experiences, learning and prospering, we actually have a lot in common with these young people.“ said Barbara Mrkić, the director of marketing at CARWIZ rent a car.

The 20th Summer school began with the program on the 21st of July in Zadar and will last until the 28th of July, during which time 50 selected students and young lawyers will have a chance to hear lectures from prof. dr. sc. Đorđe Gardašević, mag. iur. Anamarija Kovač, prof. dr. sc. Snježana Vasiljević, Kristina Benić Belavić, mag. psih. Marija Juzbašić, prof. dr. sc. Marta Zorko and prof. dr. sc. Iris Goldner Lang.

Beside the lectures of the Summer school, a tourist guide will take the students sightseeing in Zadar, a city filled with rich tradition and heritage, while nights out are also organised so the students will have a chance to get to know each other and exchange their experiences.


ELSA is an association established in 1981. in Vienna, and today it has a developed network in 43 Europe’s countries, including Croatia with its branches: ELSA Zagreb, ELSA Rijeka, ELSA Osijek and ELSA Split. Currently, ELSA has over 50.000 active members over 300 faculties across Europe.

CARWIZ rent-a-car is Croatia’s first branded rent-a-car which offers unforgettable experiences through a franchise model in 10 countries of Europe and the world. It is actively aimed at socially responsible business conduct with a goal to continuously encourage the youth toward gaining new knowledge, mutual assistance and exchanging unique experiences.