On the way to history

On the way to history

On the way to history

On the way to history

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Rent a car Pula - Vehicle rental in Pula

CARWIZ rent a car has an office at Pula Airport.

Welcome to Pula!

Pula, the biggest city in Istria, situated on its south edge, ever since Roman times, holds one of Croatia’s greatest monuments, the sixth biggest Roman amphitheaters, The Arena dating from the first century.

Not only does it exude history, but visit it during a festival or concert that are regularly held there, when The Arena confirms that it is indeed worthy of present times, and that its beauty and magnificence does not vane in the slightest.

From historical monuments, you should not fail to visit the cathedral, the small roman theater, The Arch of Segians, The Temple of Augustus, and The Three Gates, Golden, Hercules and Double.

Take a short breather on The Forum, the central square in Pula, which gathers both visitors and locals ever since Ancient times, and captures all with its liveliness.

Full of life are also the old military quarters of Karl Rojc, today The Community Center Rojc, housing hundreds of different associations from the realms of culture, sports, social welfare, health, youth, environment etc. Get lost in the imaginatively decorated hallways and participate in many different group activities.

Don’t forget about the many different and beautiful parks of Pula, created in different time periods which can be noticed in their different styles and atmospheres, from those with the vegetation cut in geometrical shapes to those that are more relaxed with different vegetation types.

When, during the summer it becomes too hot even for the parks, travel down to the fresh underworld which could almost house the entire population of Pula.

Zerostrasse are created from 400 meters of tunnels and shelters and hold a gallery of nautical and aircraft exhibitions, and if you enter at the archeological museum, you can get out at the Kandler street, a part of the new artistic zone full of galleries, concerts, shows and other cultural events.

Although the coast around Pula is rich with many beaches, it is best to rent a vehicle, and take it for a ten-kilometer drive to Rt Kamenjak, situated in the southmost part of the peninsula.

This sunny part of Istria, with its unreal beauty holds more than 600 different species of vegetation, thirty embayment’s with crystal clear seas, white rocks and caves. In the sea around the Rt you may spot the Mediterranean Monk Seal, and on the small island of Fenoliga, located on the south edge you may even find dinosaur footprints.

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