Carwiz rent a car to present its franchise model in Las Vegas

During their American tour, Carwiz will present its business strategy at the International Car Rental Show.
Carwiz rent a car to present its franchise model in Las Vegas

From 22-24th of March, Carwiz will introduce its franchise business model at the International Car Rental Show, which many flatteringly call the biggest global fair of the rental industry.

"After signing franchise partnerships in Florida, we have decided to take a step forward and  introduce ourselves to this very challenging, and somewhat aggressive, US market. Thanks to the analysis and experience we have gained from operating in 20 countries through a franchise model and driven by the global expansion that we have achieved in just one year, I dare say that we are more than ready for new expansions. " explained Krešimir Dobrilović, founder and director of Carwiz.

Dobrilović points out that he already feels at home at the International Car Rental Show, but despite this, this is the first official exhibition on the show floor for the founder of Carwiz and the fair's frequent visitor, which greatly facilitates the presentation of the brand to potential clients:

I’ve been coming here for years, from my very beginning in the industry. Since then, I have learned a lot about industry trends and principles, but at the same time I made numerous business arrangements with partners from all over the world. Despite our existing experience, this is the first time that we are exhibiting, that is, we have our own branded location where we welcome existing partners and potential ones, which is why I am very grateful to my team and excited beyond measure. ”, added Dobrilović.

After realizing 20 franchise partnerships worldwide and entering the European, African and Asian markets at the end of 2019, Carwiz rent a car entered the United States, or more precisely, signed two new business partnerships in the state of Florida.

Following their appearance at the WTM in London and the EMITT in Istanbul, the time has come to strengthen its position and present to the world  at the International Car Rental Show. Beside numerous lectures by renowned presenters, the fair also offers all guests and exhibitors information about industry trends and innovations, as well as strengthening business relationships with potential partners from all over the world, which is why it has earned the title of the most prestigious global fair of the industry.

After the fair in Las Vegas, Carwiz will be continuing their American tour in Orlando, Miami, Washington D.C. and New York.