CARWIZ rent a car: How to manage the virtual world and combat long term consequences of a crisis.

Expanding a brand during crisis clearly brings many challenges and changes to doing business. Economic entities count losses as a result of lockdown, and the question is: how to set up your business, how to approach not only clients, but suppliers and potential and current business partners?

We care more and more about our domestic market, think about individuals, their needs and safety, but what about our foreign partners? How to approach them, encourage them or gain their trust?


CARWIZ rent a car, who already presented its own franchise network at some of the world’s biggest travel industry shows, such as ITB in Berlin or WTM in London and achieved enviable results and franchise partnerships, has managed to establish new ways of communication.

What had up until recently been face to face, now became virtual. Considering the physical distance and virtual communication, it’s important to adapt dialog, meetings and fairs to new conditions, but also maintain an emotional connection with the market.

Although Carwiz, like all businesses, and especially those in the travel industry, is facing a challenging and difficult year, Carwiz has proven that continuing to expand its business is difficult but possible -  with a new franchise partnership in Cyprus and expansion to the eastern Mediterranean. 

Carwiz’s new partner, Leos Group of Companies, has been in business since 1983 with a mission to be the most professional car rental supplier in Cyprus, offering the highest standard of service, building strong and enduring relationships with customers and suppliers based on trust and honesty.

Their brand strength plays into the Carwiz mission and vision perfectly, even during crisis, as they operate in every major city in Cyprus, including an office at Larnaca International Airport.

How to gain trust, which could result in a partnership and global expansion at a time when the world is increasingly closing and every country and business is focusing on their own domestic market? Carwiz offers their own example as the answer. Here we primarily mean global expansion at a time when the world is increasingly closing and every country and business is focusing on their own domestic market.

“A new business method, education and keeping a clear direction is key. To work during a crisis, it’s important to establish stability and efficiency of a company, adjust your services and meet the clients’ needs and wishes. Most of the responsibility lies in the sales teams, but it’s also very important to consider reorganising the entire business in order for it to maintain its success in the short and long term, given the uncertainty which this crisis brings us. “  says Carwiz.

Even though we still don’t know the long term consequences caused by the Coronavirus, one thing is certain- businesses need to adapt, embrace new methods and prepare for business during crisis.

Any authentic brand, such as Carwiz, which cares about clients and business partners, will be able to maintain their brand’s strength, provided they react quickly, accept changes and have the right team of professionals who follow trends and embrace changes.