Life in the rhythm of the metropolis

Life in the rhythm of the metropolis

Life in the rhythm of the metropolis

Life in the rhythm of the metropolis

Life in the rhythm of the metropolis

Life in the rhythm of the metropolis

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Car rental at Zagreb Airport

Welcome to Zagreb!

Zagreb, as the Croatian capital, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist location, which is not surprising when you take in to account how many interesting things await you here - from the beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries to the modern ones, through a myriad of excellent street food restaurants, interesting cafes and clubs, many events, parks, theatres and museums.

If you arrived in Zagreb by plane we suggest you rent a vehicle at the Franjo Tuđman airport so you would not miss anything that Zagreb has to offer, and if you have enough time, drive away from the city bustle, and enjoy some relaxation there.

Besides the classical tour of the city and its history, which you can experience with a costumed guide, such as Marija Jurić Zagorka, or a mystical version with the Gornojogradske Coprnice, be sure to visit the unique Museum of illusions in Ilica. This museum can also be found in Zadar, so why don’t you take advantage of your rental vehicle and compare them? Explore the largest collection of holograms in the region and learn a lot about perception and optical illusions, also prepare your camera as you will end up with lots of humorous photos.

Quite different, but equally interesting is the Museum of Broken Relationships which is dedicated to unsuccessful love affairs, with exhibits that were left there by former partners. Since it is located in the Upper Town, walk around, discover charming courtyards and streets, and then go down to the Lower Town by passing through one of the mysterious tunnels in the city centre from Radićeva to Mesnička street.

If you like games and mysteries, play at least one of several escape rooms, from which you have an hour to escape with the help of your team and various hidden clues

But if you are more interested in space and art, head from Kožarićs Sun in Bogovićeva and find other planets hidden around the city at distances proportional to the solar system. For this you will need your rental vehicle, because the most distant planet is not very close.

Nature lovers will also not be left wanting, with many parks, from which Maksimir was elected as one of the most beautiful in Europe, lakes Bundek and Jarun, or the Botanical Garden, you can also take a walk along the Sava embankment, or climb through the magical woods to Sljeme, where you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Zagreb teaming with life.

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