Experience The Game of Thrones

Experience The Game of Thrones

Experience The Game of Thrones

Experience The Game of Thrones

Experience The Game of Thrones

Experience The Game of Thrones

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Rent a car Dubrovnik - Vehicle rental in Dubrovnik

Welcome to Dubrovnik!

The southern Croatian coast holds one of the most famous cities in the world - Dubrovnik. With its history that stretches for a thousand years, it deserved to be included on the UNESCO list as a wholesome, high-value collection of city walls, historic buildings, squares, streets and monuments of religious and secular architecture. Its specific beauty made it a popular place for the scenery of many famous series and movies.

Ljepotu Grada or the beauty of the city, as it is called by local residents, is best experienced from afar at first, at arrival from the airport by car from the famous vantage point. Then get down to Stradun, walk from the Great Onforijos Fountain to Orlando's column, sliding on the worn out warm stone. After that get lost in the streets of the city, absorbing its energy with the murmur of the restaurants and the chirping of birds in the background, while searching for your favorite corner.

When you decide to take a walk on the walls, take plenty of time since even though it is 1940 meters long, you will want to stop and admire the towers, fortresses, bastions and view. Find the exit through the walls where on the outside cafe Buža is located, with a beautiful view of the shore.

Three hundred meters east of the walls you will find Lazar, a complex that in ancient times served as a quarantine, and today is a place entertainment, recreation, and shopping.

If you want to get out of town, you have many options: one is to climb the heights, the Srđ hill, located above the town, whose top can be reached by cable car in four minutes, will leave you breathless with its view of the city and the waters.

You will certainly notice the island across from Dubrovnik, Lokrum, from which you are separated by a pleasant boat ride that runs from April to November. Do not miss this forest nature reserve with its special atmosphere, where the Dead Sea and several historic sites are located, and which is famous for the legend of Richard the Lionheart, who is believed to have found refuge here from a storm.

As a third option, take your rental vehicle for a ten-minute ride and drive across the Dr. Franjo Tuđman bridge to Trsteno. Trsteno is known for its rich history, beautiful nature and the only arboretum on the Croatian coast, which holds a natural monument to Asian plane-trees older than 500 years.

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