Corona crisis and a new perspective

Corona crisis and a new perspective

Caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry is one of the most negatively affected, not only in Croatia but the whole world. 

Even though Croatian business owners are trying their best in these uncertain times, their future's still on dangerous ground. 

Carwiz rent a car, the first Croatian car rental company, started off 2020 with enviable business results but soon faced a pandemic just like the rest of the world. Global growth came to a halt and almost shut down local business in Croatia, which then birthed new forms of business.

After some restructuring and new measures on their domestic market, Carwiz decided to look at the problem of sustainability from a new perspective, and reached for a proven solution - a franchise model! The idea arose as the logical next step, and why shouldn't what they do successfully in as many as twenty countries around the world apply in Croatia?

"Despite the reduced inflow of tourists, limited movement and appeals to stay at home, this will all be behind us one day, and a travel craze will follow. At that moment, which I hope will happen very soon, we will be ready just like our current and future franchise partners," explained Krešimir Dobrilović, owner and founder of Carwiz rent a car and Carwiz International.

The potential of their franchise model lies in providing full support to partners, and one of the most important segments of international positioning is certainly the visual identity they have created, which people often don't believe to be a 100% Croatian product, rather some foreign company's design. The benefit of franchising is apparent through their rich business experiences, the know-how that Carwiz possesses and provides not only to their partners but also to the entire distribution chain and final clients.

"We have continuously proven that quality service can be offered by a Croatian company because the product of our work is also software, design, communication, partners. Everything is entirely our idea and our work and effort have proven this to be a very successful franchise model applicable to most countries in the world whose potential we see in Croatia as well,” added Dobrilović about franchising in Croatia.

Any authentic brand that cares about customers and partners just like Carwiz can retain its strength, if it responds quickly to new situations, accepts challenges and if it has the right team of experts in its ranks who follow trends and accept changes as they come.

In that case, franchising as a common business model is applicable in our country, especially for tourists who want to have reliable service providers when it comes to travel safety.

Despite everything, this company is still successfully resisting adversity and is currently looking for partners just like the latest example in Greece or even ten new sub-franchise contracts concluded amid this monumental crisis.

If you're looking for a reliable partner, contact [email protected] or call at +385 1 4094 444.

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