CARWIZ International is expanding its workforce!

In early 2022, Carwiz International recorded an increase of more than 30 percent in the number of employees!
CARWIZ International is expanding its workforce!

In early 2022, Carwiz International recorded an increase of more than 30 percent in the number of employees, which appears to be the natural next step after successful internationalization and expansion to foreign and American markets.

Tomislava Ravlić, the former Director of the Trade Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, has recently joined the Carwiz International team and will lead the company's business development and revenue growth, as well as identify and develop new business opportunities and build and expand its presence in new international markets.

Ms. Ravlić will also oversee the sale of new franchise models, monitor new markets and trends, make recommendations for new products and services, propose and develop new strategic partnerships, and focus on long-term goals to meet Carwiz International's business needs and requirements.

"I see my new position as a natural extension of my previous work as well as an opportunity for further development. As Director at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, I was also involved in franchising, so I am delighted to be able to use my experience in a new role to further strengthen the Carwiz brand, expand business into new markets, and improve the quality of services Carwiz provides to its customers." said Tomislava Ravlić, the new Business Development Manager at CARWIZ International.

CARWIZ International is a company that has significantly established its business in the last two years, both in domestic and foreign markets, so employee growth is primarily based on increasing the number of new partners and franchise growth in international markets.

"Anyone who understands entrepreneurship will recognize the people behind Carwiz International, which has expanded its franchise business to 28 countries across five continents in just over three years during the pandemic and plans to expand further. They know what they're doing in the markets. So it's about a group of people, smart and creative individuals who use their knowledge to create a success story." Tomislava explains, adding, "Given their previous work experience and direct communication with entrepreneurs, I know very well what they need, what problems bother them, and how to help them." I am confident that I will put my newfound knowledge to use in expanding the Carwiz franchise, which is also in the works."

Carwiz International's greatest asset are its professional employees of the highest quality, who, along with the company's leadership, contribute to growth and success on a daily basis, with one goal in mind: to become the world's leading car rental franchise network.

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