Safe driving 

Proper seating

For passenger’s, and especially the driver it is of extreme importance to be seated properly as to avoid risk of injury in case of an accident
Proper seating
  1. Adjusting the vertical position of the seat: the seat should be adjusted in such a way that when you fully push the clutch pedal your leg is a bit bent at the knee. The passenger’s seat should be pushed to the back as much as possible.
  2. Hight of the seat: adjust the height in such a way that you have the best possible view through the windshield. You should at all times, have at least 5 centimetres between your head and the roof. Our advice is to sit as low as possible, in this way you will have better steering wheel control.
  3. Back angle: adjust the angle of the back in such a way that you are sitting as straight as possible, with your full back and shoulders against the backrest, the angle should be approximately 100-110 degrees
  4. Head rest: these are extremely important in case of an accident, so never drive without them, the headrest is properly adjusted when its top is in line with the top of your head
  5. Adjusting the steering wheel height/depth: adjust it so that your hands when in “9-3 o’clock” position are slightly bent in the elbows. The distance from your chest to the steering wheel must be at least 20 cm, as to avoid any harm to your person in case of air bag activation. Also during adjustment pay mind that you properly see the instrument panel, and that the steering wheel doesn’t touch your legs.


adjust the drivers and passengers seats only when the car is still and the engine is turned off.