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Child seat vehicle installation manual

Even if you have experience with child seats, we advise you to always check if it is truly installed correctly and if the child in it is fastened in the best and safest possible way.
Child seat vehicle installation manual

Per laws of road safety, children up to 135cm height need to be fastened and secured in a child seat appropriate to their age.

As to avoid mistakes during the installation of the child seat it is recommended that you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  1. Adjust the seat correctly in such a way that it touches the seat and the back with as much of its surface as possible. It is best to put the child seat in the safest location of the vehicle, as they are symmetrical, they can be placed both behind the drivers and the passenger’s seat, choose the position which best suits you.
  1. The part of the belt which goes over the lap is the part which holds the child seat in place, so, it is extremely important that this part of the belt is placed exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and fastened as firmly as possible! Place the child seat on the desired position of the back seat and pull the belt out. Use the force of your body to secure the child seat as firmly and as tightly as possible. Push the seat with your knee or hand and put your weight in to it, while holding the seat in place in such a way, use you other hand to fasten the belt as firmly as possible. Pull the belt through the openings provided for this, most often, there are three openings. 
  1. Places where the seat belt is pulled through are marked blue on seats that are placed in the position reversed of the driving direction, while the seats that are placed in the driving direction are marked red. When pulling the seat belt, make certain that the belt is straight through its whole length, it must not be loose in any part.
  1. If you are placing a child seat of category 0 or 0+, place the handle in the proper position per the manufacturer’s instructions (in the middle, towards the legs, or above the head) since it is also used as anti-rotation protection.
  1. After fastening the seat belt make certain that the child seat is firmly in place. Hold the child seat at the level of the child’s feet and try to move it left and right.

Keep in mind:

  • If the seat isn’t moving, it is placed perfectly.
  • If it isn’t moving more than 2cm, than it is placed firmly enough.
  • If it is moving more than 2cm, fasten the seat belts tighter! 
  1. After the child seat has been placed firmly enough and according to the manufacturer’s instructions place the child inside it. Fasten the seat belt per the manufacturers manual. When you hear a clicking sound, you know that everything is secured. Fasten the seat belt in such a way that there is enough place for one finger between the child’s collar bone and the child seat, no more!
  1. Place the seat belts across the child’s shoulders. When doing this, make certain that in child seats that are placed in a reverse direction to the driving one, the belt is a little bellow the shoulders or at shoulder level, while in seats that face the driving direction the seat belts should be placed at shoulder height or between the shoulders and ear lobes


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