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4 Essential Things to Know About the Spare Tire in Your Car

We believe that nobody likes the idea of ending up stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a flat tire. That is why having a spare tire in the vehicle is always a good idea.
4 Essential Things to Know About the Spare Tire in Your Car

What Type of Tire Is Your Spare?

Depending on the model of the vehicle you are using, the vehicle may be equipped with a normal size spare tire (identical to the ones regularly used), a temporary spare wheel, a Tire Repair Kit or RCS tires which are fitted on most BMWs, with the ability to drive with a flat wheel to a first tire repair shop.

How Fast Should You Drive on the Spare?

If the vehicle is equipped with a spare wheel of normal dimensions the vehicle retains all driving characteristics without affecting the performance. If you have a spare wheel of reduced dimensions on the vehicle, then you have a sticker on the wheel that indicates the maximum speed you can drive with this type of wheel, and most often this is up to 80 km/h.

How Long Can You Use the Temporary Spare Tire for?

The spare tire is intended for use during repair/replacement of the damaged tire, regardless of the type of spare the vehicle is equipped with.

What Is the Correct Air Pressure?

All vehicles are equipped with a low-pressure indicator in one or more tires, and in this case the driver must check the pressure on all 4 tires and adjust it if necessary. The recommended tire pressure sticker, depending on the vehicle, will most often be found on the driver's door side or on the fuel tank lid, and you need to set the pressure to the correct values per these values ​​. In some models, the indicator turns itself off after the setup, and in other models it must be reset in the settings of the vehicle computer. Tire pressure must always be controlled/adjusted while the tires are not warm, with no more than 10 kilometres made. If you control/adjust the pressure while the tires are warm, you should increase the recommended values ​​by 0.3 bar.

Make certain that you always have a spare tire ready so you do not end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you find yourself in any sort of trouble with our rented vehicle do not hesitate to contact our technical support.

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