Oasis in stone; Kravica Waterfall

A short distance from Ljubuški and Mostar, the river Trebižat made a unique beauty of nature by depositing tufa sedimentations. Located in the karstic heartland of Herzegovina, the magical Kravica Waterfall is a recognizable symbol of Ljubuški and Herzegovina.
Oasis in stone; Kravica Waterfall

The waterfall, 28 meters tall and 120 meters wide, is an amazing sight that attracts many tourists, nature lovers, hikers and adventurers every year. The banks of Trebižat are filled with numerous smaller waterfalls, surrounded by green plants, blue skies and breathtakingly clear water.

During the summer months, this stone oasis is the perfect place to relax and have fun. With numerous beaches, sights and water activities, you can rest assured: you won't be bored here! 

The ticket price for one person in the summer months is 20 KM, and the price also includes access to two sights close by: the Koćuša waterfall and a monastery museum in Humac.

Summer is fast approaching, and staying outdoors is the best way to relax, recharge and forget about your daily worries.  Visit our Carwiz office in Mostar, only 40 km away from Kravica, experience the beauty of this oasis in stone and take advantage of everything it has to offer to create unforgettable memories.