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Life by the river

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Welcome to Osijek!

Osijek is the largest city and the economic and cultural center of Eastern Croatia Slavonia, as well as the administrative center of Osijek-Baranja County.

Due to its important location near the crossing of the Drava and Dunav River, this large and once prosperous city (the fourth largest city in Croatia with the current population of about 101,000) was part of the great conflicts of the 1990s. Many buildings have been restored to their former appearance, although some scars are still visible as some buildings still have bullet holes or shrapnel.

There are several highways to Osijek, including A3 connecting Zagreb with Belgrade and Pan-European corridor Vc from Budapest to Sarajevo. A5 highway or Slavonia connect Osijek with A3.

Osijek is divided into two main regions - the Upper Town (focusing on the Town Square, Ante Starčević Square) and Tvrđa. The whole city has 12 district units: Upper Town, Lower Town, Fortress, New Town, South 1, South 2, Green Field, Retfala, New Retfala, Industrial District, Tvrdjavica and Left Bank.

Osijek has a tram system dating back to 1884, and the three main lines connect the railway station, the city square, the Tvrđa, the industrial district, all the city limits. The network is currently completely overhauled, and the length is more than doubled as modern trams modernize. Local buses fill gaps where trams are not driving and are quite common. The local transport system map can be found on the Tourist Board website. You can also experience a ride with the oldest tram in Europe, which has been rebuilt for city sightseeing.

In Osijek, walk to the Fortress, an independent 18th-century Habsburg defense fort located east of the city center and is an unbeatable place to go for a day trip to Osijek.

On the promenade along the Drava you will reach "Osijek Cathedral", which is 90 meters high tower the second highest southeastern Europe. It was built by the bishop of the then Đakovo and Srijem Diocese, Josip Juraj Strossmayer, to build the Ospedra Konedrala. The interior is a real treasure trove of neo-Gothic ornaments, with a series of top altars above which they are abundant. The entrance to the small door church, which is located to the right of the main portal, is monitored by three watchtowers.

"Kompa" will take you to the left bank of the river to the ZOO garden, and a beautiful view of the whole city stretches from the hanging bridge where you can leave your love lock and forever fall in love with returning to Osijek.

At the very edge of the city you will see untouched nature. Go along the Drava River to the Nature Park Kopački rit, the largest undersea marsh known for nearly 300 bird species, nestling in the city itself! Take a look at Osijek from the sandy beach of "Copacabana" to watch the great cruise ships sailing through the river by bringing tourists from all over the world and planning their next trip.

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