Greet the Sun and The Sea Organ

Greet the Sun and The Sea Organ

Greet the Sun and The Sea Organ

Greet the Sun and The Sea Organ

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Welcome to Zadar!

Zadar is a beautiful North Dalmatian city, which blends its three thousand years of history, visible at every turn, with the modern, offering entertainment day and night, making it a must-see destination on the Croatian coast.

When you think of Zadar, you will probably think of many famous historical and cultural attractions first, such as the church of St. Donat from the 9th century and the Forum, the street-promenade Kalelarga, which is sung about in two songs, or The Square of Five Wells.

However, in the last decade Zadar enriched itself with an interesting modern art installation that delights visitors on a daily basis. The first one is The Sea Organ, which use the power of the waves to produce a relaxing melody with its seven chords of five selected tones derived from the matrix of Dalmatian a Capella singing. Right next to it is Greeting To The Sun, which uses solar modules to create a symbolical communication with nature - on The Sea Organ with sound and with light here. This is not the only link between these two installations - Greeting To The Sun is connected to the Sea Organs whose sound it transports into light that, after sunset, creates a magical performance on the Zadar waterfront.

This sunset was best described by Alfred Hitchcock who visited Zadar in 1964, stating that the Zadar sunset was even more beautiful than the one in Florida, which is applauded every evening.

So, do not miss this famous sunset, leave your car at one of Zadar's parking lots, take a walk downtown and use the services of one of the famous Zadar's boatmen, who have transported natives and tourists in their small boats since the 14th century, cutting the time needed to get to the peninsula.

Zadar is also an excellent starting point for reaching three nature parks: Telašćica, Velebit and Vransko lake, as well as five national parks: Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka and Northern Velebit. Your best choice would be to rent a vehicle and visit these sites one by one, while taking in their beauties.

Also, do not forget the beautiful archipelago consisting of 24 larger and about three hundred small islands and rocks. Of course, for this you will need a boat, while your vehicle rests on the shore and awaits your return.

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