Zagreb Advent: more locations and an even richer offer

All visitors can expect an array of gourmet and musical treats, from November the 30th- January the 2nd.
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This weekend, the Advent in Zagreb began with many attractions and novelties. Just like over the past years, visitors can enjoy many sights with plenty of new, and some already known events.

“Fuliranje" at Strossmayer square

At this year’s “Fuliranje”, visitors can enjoy gastronomic delicacies in more than 30 Advent booths, 16 live performances, 35 DJ shows, with a spectacular New Year’s eve planned for the end of the year.

Advent at Zrinjevac

If you want to give unique gifts or works of art to near ones, be sure to visit Zrinjevac, which beside the art, offers many specialties from Zagreb, including “štrukli” and “krpice sa zeljem”.

Advent at the European square

For this Advent, Zagreb offers yet another artistic and alternative corner set on the European square where all visitors can experience diversity of concerts, outdoor movie projections, exhibits and urban fun.

A Christmas fairytale

A few steps away from the European square, a real Christmas fairytale awaits at Ban Jelačić square. Beside the gastronomic offer, numerous wood decorations, Zagreb souvenirs and handcrafts will also be presented at the square.

Advent at the Octagon

In this famous city passage, visitors will have a chance to take pictures with massive nutcrackers, which are this year’s holiday inspiration of many world-renowned brands.

Advent in the tunnel

The Grič tunnel traditionally turns into a Christmas fairytale with beautiful ornaments and installations.

Advent at Klovićevi dvori

“Baš naš” advent at Klovićevi dvori becomes a destination for all gourmands with its gastronomic offer coming from many famous restaurants. Beside the gastronomic offer, visitors can also enjoy music performances and some must-try mulled wine.  

Movie advent at Tuškanac, Advent at Stross, advent at the Croatian national theatre, advent at Maksimir

This Advent, holiday tales will be shown at Tuškanac, while Stross is the best place for romantic strolls with breathtaking views and a great atmosphere. There are also delicious dishes and concerts available, with children craft corners held during the weekends. One of the unavoidable locations is definitely the Croatian national theatre with its rich repertoire. Advent at park Maksimir, which is moments away from the city fuss, is filled with craft shops, evening concerts, the Museum of illusion’s installations, The Museum of natural history’s corner and an array of food and drink. Inside the forest there is a so-called Polar advent with attractions for the youngest visitors.

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