Dalmatian cuisine

Spring is considered the best season, but in Croatia this prestigious title goes to summer, since along the Adriatic coast and islands it is open season on fish, shellfish and seafood, and all the dishes - just out of the sea, are freshly prepared.
Dalmatian cuisine
Where? Dalmatia and the islands, the Dalmatian hinterland.
When? In every season, and most in the summer.
Be sure to try: shrimp in sauce, beef stew, mussels, grilled fish, Dalmatian smoked ham, manistra, oysters, seafood risotto, black risotto with cuttlefish, octopus salad as an appetizer, flan.

If your taste buds are eager to experience the flavor of the Mediterranean, almost every Dalmatian corner hides a gastronomic paradise. When you choose a restaurant with a sunny terrace overlooking the deep blue, you know that this day nothing will spoil.

The appetizer itself, pure blooded Dalmatian smoked ham, air-dried and smoked, and decorated with olives, will get your juices flowing. Feel free to dip pieces of bread in olive oil, which lures you with its bright color and intense scent, then enjoy freshly grilled fish, seafood, shrimp, mussels and squid, as well as crab and lobster.

You were not in Dalmatia if you have not tried boiled prawns, a Dalmatian specialty prepared in tomato sauce with onions and spices, and oysters, shellfish that are eaten raw and with your fingers, with a splash of lemon juice.

 Of the fish that live in the deep of ​​the Adriatic Sea, recommendations are bream, flounder, mullet, perch and others, with which as a side dish, a light Dalmatian chard 'bathed' in olive oil goes best. Who's in the mood to eat with a spoon, can taste the renowned “pašticada”, a slowly cooked beef stew with noodles.

Complete our unforgettable gastronomic experience with flan, a dessert that is served cold, and its 'magic' ingredient is caramel with a bitter liqueur. Even if driving, treat yourself to a glass of red or white wine, Plavac from the island of Brač, Postup fro Pelešac, Pošip from Korcula and the best red wine - Dingač.

Bon appetit!

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