The exhibition of underwater photography "Those Wonderful floating creatures"

For all those with children, who love art, have a water-gene, are fans of photography, who love to sense any city to its fullest, are of curious spirit, are interested in fresh produce and open-air markets.
The exhibition of underwater photography "Those Wonderful floating creatures"
Where? Natural History Museum Rijeka and the city market Placa.
When? March 1 to March 31

Remember the movie "those beautiful creatures"? As if someone sent you a flora-fauna postcard from the desert of South Africa. Croatia is a sea country that has more than fifty shades of blue, and its depths are a treasure trove of diverse plant-animal life. If you rented a car in Pula and stopped in the charming port city of Rijeka, park at the Museum of Natural History behind whose doors, in a newly designed Multimedia Centre in huge aquarimus, hide "those Wonderful floating creatures." A series of photographic beads string together the tale of the renowned underwater photographer Marinko Babić.

Using natural light and beautiful surroundings, painting a picture of marine organisms that glisten in thousands of colours, depending on the motion of the waves which have a major role on life in the sea. After a peek into the deep sea, take a walk to one of the most picturesque places in the city, Rijeka market (located in three buildings located between the port and the National Theatre and across from the Palace Modello) which also houses the underwater photography exhibition, and takes over visitors with the bustle and the smell of freshly caught fish. It is also recommended in the famous Michelin guide, so be certain to feel the excitement of buying and the splendour of fresh ingredients piled on stands that attract with colours and flavours, and in the process, learn a few Croatian words like pomidor, which the sellers will yell out.

The gallery on the first floor offers a magnificent view of the Kvarner bay, where you can also see the fresh fish caught by the boats in the harbour, and you can check how your rented car is 'sunbathing' on the slight sea breeze. The popular Rijeka Placa is open every day from 6.30 am to 14 pm, and Sundays from 6.30 am to noon, and the exhibition at the museum is open every day from 9 to 20 hours.

We wish you a happy trip.

Praise the sea, and stick to your rent-a-car (at least until we get you a rent-a boat)!