Dubrovnik FestiWine

We invite you to an unforgettable wine experience
Dubrovnik FestiWine
Where? Lazaretto, historical centre, bars labelled "Wine friendly"
When? 17 to 23 April 2017.
Info: Official website

If you rent your vehicle in Zagreb, Zadar and Split, be certain to visit the fairy-tale city at the foot of Srđ, the world-famous Dubrovnik.

In the week between 17 and 23 April, be sure to make reservations for an unforgettable adventure that will charm all lovers of wine and those who are yet to become ones.

 At the regional wine festival Dubrovnik FestiWine, which this year celebrates its fourth anniversary, you can taste many local wines, finely decorated and served, which will introduce you to the fullness of taste of red and white wines grown on the sun and salt bathed slopes of Pelješac and the fertile soil of Konavle.

This festival marked by wine and all its flavours will bring together more than 100 regional winemakers and indigenous varieties of wines from the Dubrovnik-Neretva county.

Do not miss the central event of the Festival "exhibition of wine", which will seduce you with its smells from the historic Lazaretto, and while you are slowly exploring the city walls and absorbing the atmosphere of the city, stop at one of the many picturesque small restaurants, wine bars and cafes with the sign "Wine friendly “, and taste wines that are paired with seafood delicacies of the Dubrovnik area, such as the divine Ston oysters.

For those who want to know more, Festival FestiWine offers an express course for sommeliers, as well as a workshop "Wine in Tourism" under the baton of local and foreign wine experts.

After this wine rhapsody, leave your vehicle on the parking lot, and enjoy a nice and relaxing walk to your hotel.

Cheers and let us know which wine won you over!