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Those who CARWIZ choose, never lose!

With Carwiz and attractive prices, travel without additional worries!

Those who CARWIZ choose, never lose!

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Have you ever rented a smaller vehicle and set off on a new trip while you caught a great car rental price? From now on, that is also possible!

To make your trip relaxed and safe, and above all affordable, CARWIZ has prepared special car rental prices.

Rent your vehicle from 110 HRK/day and set off to new autumn adventures.

The rental price includes:

  • rental of the smallest vehicle category (Fiat 500 or similar) with a minimum duration of 3 days,
  • unlimited km,
  • reduction of liability for vehicle damage or theft (CDW & TP)
  • VAT 25%.

The beginning of autumn and the slight drop in temperatures is ideal for visiting undiscovered destinations, enjoying nature, and creating unforgettable experiences. Reduced crowds will turn many tourist spots into a real romantic destination where you will definitely recharge your batteries for the coming winter.

 Write your autumn plan, and with CARWIZ you are always in profit! Embark on a new journey and take advantage of attractive vehicle prices, available online, by emailing [email protected] or by calling +385 1 4094 444

Rent your vehicle today and don’t lose!

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