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During the holidays, CARWIZ rent a car gives you a 15% discount on ALL vehicle rentals!

Are you planning to visit Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik or another destination during Advent? We have a great offer for you! End this year discovering new adventures, and take advantage of our holiday discount of 15% on all car rental! Visit our beautiful country when is the prettiest. The discount car rental offer won't last forever, so take advantage of it while you still can!

Plan your trip on time and rent a vehicle according to your wishes, and the magical 15% discount is an ideal opportunity to visit the most popular winter destinations. Drive in style at extremely low prices!

Pack your bags and this holiday season go on new snow adventures and discover the most beautiful Christmas season!

Therefore, plan your magical Christmas trip in time this year! Take advantage of attractive vehicle prices, available online, via email [email protected] or by calling +385 1 4094 444!

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