Business offer built on trust

Experience No. 3 Business offer built on trust

A business solution for our corporate clients

The business solution is a car rental with a minimum duration of 30 days and is fully customized to the needs of our clients, which provides complete flexibility and makes it a more elegant solution than leasing. We are rental business wizards and we take care of your vehicle so you can focus on your business, increase productivity and reduce your business expenses.



    Long term rent is meant for natural and legal persons, so they can, according to need adjust their current vehicle fleet. In contrast to other lease types you do not bind yourself with a contractual obligation. Our offer includes all administrative expenses connected to the vehicle (technical and registration expenses, insurance, taxes, RTV fees), vehicle fees, and all annual maintenance fees. All our clients have a right to a replacement vehicle no matter if the need for it is due to regular maintenance or a longer unexpected repair time. With a long term rental your bank balance is not burdened, you pay for the vehicle per use, you have control over your finances, and you have the guarantee that if you return the vehicle before the agreed upon time, you will not have any additional expenses.


    If your business is of a seasonal nature, or is connected with long term or short term projects, with long term lease you can optimize your expenses according to your own time frame. Unlike leasing , you do not need additional finances or financial approvals if you suddenly have a need for different types or number of vehicles. If at any given period you have an unforeseen need for a larger number of vehicles, we can arrange additional vehicles for rent in a very short time, without any prior notice.


    Our services include any and all services and issues associated with the vehicle. Registration, insurance, maintenance, tire storage and replacement, mobile guarantee, replacement vehicle, damage control etc. This ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for you and your employees. All the vehicles in our fleet are new with an average age of 6 months which is an added safety guarantee. We believe that client satisfaction and proper counselling is the key which opens the door to a lasting quality partnership.

Leasing or Long term rent?

Here are some of the main differences, that mostly lean to the long-term rents side, but judge for yourself.

Long-term rent
  • Financial participation of users in leasing contracting

  • Vehicle Financing (Leasing Instalments/payment)

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Registration and technical inspection costs

  • Regular and extraordinary maintenance of the vehicle

  • Assistance and roadside assistance

  • Replacement vehicle in case of failure or damage

  • Vehicle "Door to Door" service

  • Seasonal replacement and storage of tires

  • Possibility of early vehicle return at no extra cost

  • All fees on just one invoice

  • Vehicles available immediately

Included services

By including any and all services that you might need in our offer, we help you shift focus from your fleet to your primary business.

Long-term rentals

Our Fleet

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