Flower Exhibition

When a man gifts a bouquet to his beloved, he romantically exclaims “cvijeće cvijeću” or “flowers for my flower”, highlighting her beauty and uniqueness.
Flower Exhibition
Where?  Zadar waterfront, Obala Kralja Krešimira IV
When?  20th-23rd April

Although cities and towns along the Adriatic coast will be bathed in sun and sea, Zadar will also be bathed in floral magic, when the entire waterfront will drown in the smell of 22 oval flower beds at the exhibition "Cvijet Zadra – The Flower of Zadar" a unique flower festival that will bring together all horticultural connoisseurs, lovers of flowers and garden art in one place.

And if you are the type of person that likes to experience everything that makes one place unique, the main promenade in Zadar during this festival is a must see for you. If you want your balcony or window refreshed by fragrant plants and flowers, walk down to the gravel portion of Obala Kralja Petra Krešimira where the sales part of the exhibition is organised. Since the flower of Zadar is a competitive exhibition, a professional jury will select the awards for the most creative floral expression, for the most romantic flower beds, for the best symbiosis of flowers and the sea and others.

Competitors have complete freedom of expression, and they delight with their impressive floral creations, such as last year's Sea Symphony, a massive green piano embraced with floral arrangements.

Your experience of walking this floral empire will be enriched with the sounds of Dalmatian songs coming from every corner, and you can also join one of the lectures on floral art.